Uzbekistan - Last preparations

This time next week I should have landed in Tashkent airport, collected my visa, passed through customs and had a few hours sleep in the hotel. I have a busy week ahead with a lot of work - including a brave effort to pack light which is always an effort for a photographer.

Weight is one of my main considerations. I hate having a lot to carry. Last week I picked up an amazing little tripod made of tent supports - the Tamrac Zipshot. I mean this is light - a mere 300 grams compared to my usual traveling one at 2.4k. OK, it isn't the rock steady unit you can use in a high wind - or even a low wind - and it is either up or down with no in betweens, but it works and with my little Sony R1 and my iPhone it is perfect for my purposes.

The Tamrac Zipshot Tripod

The weather has been cooling off - that late summer slight chill still with the deep greens and the water warm enough + 21C (for the stoic) to take an evening swim and sauna by the lake. Last night we went to Kotaniemi - a small cottage at Hirvijärvi about ten minutes from home - had a few dips between sauna and ended up grilling some sausage on a log fire and just relaxed as the sun set by the water.

So I made a short video of this amazing place. The high heat of summer gone - the place was empty except for a couple of families, and by the time I shot this we had the place more or less to ourselves.

Kotanemi, Hirvijärvi, Finland iPhone 4 with iMovie - Music © Martin Simpson

I'm looking forward to those rather warmer days in Tashkent. The Finnish summer as glorious as it is ends too soon. This time next week - all going well - I will probably be overwhelmed by the heat that hits you when you step off the plane in another climate zone!