Uzbekistan - The People We Meet

Sorry for the delay but Uzbekistan is always full of surprises and for those of you who live in countries where everything works - you may find the lack of information flow out of here rather frustrating. Last night I tried until 4 am to update this - no luck - started again at 8am and gave up. Some denial of service thing. So this was put together last night - and hopefully will get the images uploaded with this attempt. As for me - I love it all. To describe the feelings one has in this place (especially on 4 hours sleep a night for about 2 weeks + one exciting 24 hour bout of that word I can't spell - you know the second phase food processing algorithm anomaly one gets while traveling) is quite beyond me. So here is last nights episode a day late!

In the last week or so we have traveled by train - the best form of transport in Uzbekistan. Its hot, noisy and the best place to come face to face with people. With only a day or so at each stop we had a chance to meet local people on the streets, narrow back alleys and in shops and restaurants.

Tomorrow (today) the workshop starts again. We'll look at the portfolios of the participants at Brackit on Thursday and on Friday print their works at the Epson distributor's in Tashkent. Here are a few of my favorite shots from Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand and on the trains in between.