Uzbekistan - The Way to Samarkand

This journey would drive some people completely mad; nothing is certain, and for those who need schedules precise times and regular meals - you just wouldn't manage.

For me this is perfect. I love it.

Today started with a meeting with Kamola, a young photographer. After yesterday's walk around the old city of Tashkent I thought she reminded me so much of Natashia. She hadn't managed to get to the first workshop day so it seemed a good idea for me to look at her photographs and suggest a topic for the portfolio task due next week on September 8th.

Outside the city had changed overnight. School had started and the roads seemed to have suddenly filled up with cars and kids in uniforms.

Later we got together at The Matter to finalize plans and to see if Rene would have the possibility to join us on the trip to Samarkand but delays in his documentation meant that he was stuck in Tashkent for the moment.

So we made our way across town to the railway station for the journey to Samarkand.