Tanzania - Creative Print Workshop

 Presentations evening 17.2 - On Friday night we got together at the Arusha Masai Cafe for an evening of presentations. With about 9 people registered for the workshop only 4 turned up but it was a great evening of presenting each other's works on the projector. None of the participants are professionals but there were some amazing photographs to be seen. No power cuts - a rare thing in these parts and the discussions continued until around 10pm.

Vernon with my catalogue

Colour, Print, Profiles and Coatings 18.2 - Saturday morning we started with the colour management - calibrating all the laptop monitors they had and showing them how important it is to have a balanced display using the Datacolor Spyder Elite. Thanks to Sami Eskonlahti from Suomen Interfoto in Finland and Datacolor for their support in the project!

Then we moved on to building custom profiles - had some difficulty with the older version of the software on my Mac and downloaded an update for tomorrow's session. Still, printing through Qimage with different profiles they got an idea how important it is to have a correct profile to get a good result.

Profiling monitors

Reading the target with the Datacolor hardware

Reading the target for profiling

Next we moved on to hand coating - thanks to support from InkAid we had a variety of coatings for the locally made hand made papers, Japanese papers and Tyvek I brought from home.

Emmanuel Kichere applying gelatin to Washi paper on a support sheet

Emmanuel coating Japanese paper

InkAid coating on Tyvek

The outdoor studio

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Emmanuel Kichere coating with InkAid

Torrential rain and a power cut lasted throughout the afternoon just when we didn't need electricity and came back on when the coatings were dry so that we got all the Japanese papers printed.

Happy printers!

Emmanuel Kichere preparing files to print

Vernon's print

Emmanuel Kichere's print of buffalo

Emmanuel's Washi paper print

Vernon and his print on Washi paper

Great to have an enthusiastic bunch to work with - inspired choice of prints and fast learners! At the end of the day I could more or less leave them on their own to set up the prints on the Epson 9900.