Tanzania - My Tanzanian 'Big Five'

Taanisah's portrait on the Face to Face poster outside the Rock Art Gallery
Rashidi - head waiter at the Arusha Masai Cafe

 28.2 - The camera has given me the greatest opportunity to get out into the world and meet people. Tanzania - with all its wildlife and natural beauty is what brings most people here on their 'trip of a lifetime'; the Safaris into those amazing nature preserves, the so called 'Big Five' - Rhino, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard and Elephant. I'm not sure why they haven't included the Tanzanian national animal - the giraffe? Curious.

The hunters still come to take their trophies home, walk about with their guides inside the 'wild cage' - the guides who know just where to go - and the photographers anxious to repeat endless shots of sunsets, migrations, and zoom-lens photographs out of Land Cruiser windows.

Here then are my top five from the last 3 weeks and a strong reason to return to Tanzania in the future;
  1. Rock Art of Kondoa - the Amarula Campsite and the people of the surrounding villages.
  2. Workshop participants who did an amazing job, learned fast, were passionate and inspired me with their results
  3. Face to Face at the Arusha Masai Cafe - the most fun you can have with a camera and an Epson ink jet printer all in one day
  4. Paper making with Seppo using local materials
  5. Pizza at the Masai Cafe, served by Rashidi - if you haven't tried one its worth a trip to Arusha
I'm off home later today - a nice bus ride north to Nairobi in the changing season. I met some great people here in the last three weeks.

The Face to Face day yesterday was a great success - 30 portrait sessions in just 7 hours - special thanks to Seppo and Julieth, Emmanuel, Elke and Clive Justice who worked from 2pm to 8pm tirelessly providing a seamless flow of people in front of my camera. Big thanks also to Vernon and his friend for their spontaneous music during the gig keeping those waiting for their portraits entertained. I only heard it filtering through the wall as I was busy with the portraits! All the shots were taken with just two Canon 580 EX's and some rechargeables. When the power went off I could still shoot - so this morning we are finishing up the printing. There are too many faces to put into this blog, but here are a few of my favorites before I pack up my gear and head over to the Impala hotel to catch the shuttle.

Marja and Nico

Zainab's brother



Amaranta and Carlos

Peter Mwasha