One Last Sleep

Of course there is no time to write. I'm busy, running around with all those last minute things. I'm losing weight and my luggage is gaining. I must have weighed those two bags every couple of hours for the last few days - as if just sitting there being luggage-potatoes they are gaining.

I don't panic - just develop a sharp edge of awareness before traveling. Its an inbuilt thing that goes along with my vivid imagination and allows me to think of every eventuality to the point that when the real situation is happening I get this deja vu feeling.

Today Eeva and I stopped by the Ittala shop and had a look at things for Junaid and Samira. Its great when you know what you have space for and you find something elegant that fits the bill. So that's the present shopping done.

Junaid sent some pictures by email of one of the first celebrations. It all looks so different, all the women sitting together and all the men together. Such a different culture and so much to discover.

The last minute emails have been flying around with Jane, Kristiina, Ösgür and Rene and myself putting the finishing touches to our plans with Junaid confirming the hotel and arrangements for our arrival.

I decided on two cameras finally. The Sony works really well as an on the move camera; its lightweight and handy. The Canon is a must for the main event - and this 5D mkII has HD video. I'm going with 2 strobes and my ST-E2 unless the radio controlled triggers arrive in the post tomorrow. Its a handy kit to travel with and opens up the lighting possibilities to cover most situations.

Rene had an idea for an on-the-move project which we discussed a bit by email earlier today. It fits nicely into the way I work so lets see what we decide during the flights.

That's it for the preparations. From the first FB posting from Rene on january 2 at 21.14 and my comment seven minutes later it has been about 7 weeks of putting this thing together. Thanks to Junaid we're on our way!

OK Gary - now don't miss the plane.

See you all in Karachi!