Interests and Issues

People are central to Gary’s current body of work. Where earlier works explored abstract representations of man and his interaction with the environment his new work explores the people themselves. Portraits and Photo journalistic work inspire him to interact with the people he meets – either on the street or in one of his photography workshops.  The iPhone – mobile device image capture has become a driving force for him since working in developing regions of the world.


Gary Wornell is a Canadian born artist photographer and videographer who emigrated to Europe in 1969. In 1976 having obtained a B.A. in Art and Design at Staffordshire University he was awarded a New Craftsman’s Grant from the British Crafts Council. In 1995 he moved to Finland where he established a ceramic studio and gradually moved into graphic design, digital art, print making, photography and video.

Gary has been the recipient of numerous international awards in both craft, fine art and photography. These include the Japanese Inax Design Prize, The Finnish Arts Council Prize 2010, International Color Awards Photography Masters Cup 2010 and 2011, London International Creative Awards 2009 and 2012, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art – Top 40 2009 and several awards in Travel Photographer of the Year. In 2013 he won Gold prize in PX3 – Prix de la Photographie Paris in Book category for his monochrome iPhone series on Nepal.

Development Consulting in Nepal

In recent years he has worked as design consultant on a bilateral environmental monitoring project – SEAM-Nepal – between Finland and Nepal and currently divides his time between the two countries. His current interests focus on mobile device image and video capture and capacity building initiatives with NGOs and INGOs in Nepal.


Gary is a contributor to the Finnish Photography magazine Kamera lehti.

Product development

Gary is the designer of Japanese Kozo Paper Thin, a Signature Worthy brand of Epson Fine Art Papers. His years of research and teaching of ink jet technology and alternative approaches to printing have bridged the gap between traditional graphics and digital print technologies. The paper won Roll Media of the Year 2014 in the European Digital Press EDP Awards 2014. The link to Kozo is also on this web where you can find information about the product and its applications.

Professional memberships

Gary is a member of Ars Häme Finnish Artists Association, the Union of Artist Photographers, The Finnish Press Photographers Association and the Finnish Photo Agency Leuku.