Winter in Finland

Back in the winter wonder of Finland

After a 3 month stay in Nepal from mid October to mid January - first time I have been away that long during the darkest season - I am back in the cosy half light of Finland.

Off to a slow start when I arrived in Kathmandu, my project gradually gained pace and now - here in this snowy landscape I am already planning my return.

I can't say much at this stage exactly what the project is about - but what I can say is that the artists and crafts people I met connected to the work provided me with a very rare opportunity and one that few foreigners have seen in this amount of detail. With my team of Shailaja and Anmol we covered hundreds of kilometers in the Kathmandu Valley on bicycle, scooter, and taxi.

The project is at a beginning - there is a so much more to do and I'm looking forward to returning to take up where we left off. Nepal is an extraordinary place with wonderful people, incredible scenery, wonderful food - and of course great development initiatives and it's fair share of crazy politics.

At this time I'm looking for support to continue my work - travel and working grants, publishing partners and potential exhibition opportunities here and abroad.

I did get a chance to give a talk and workshop at Kathmandu University to Photography students just before leaving in January. It was great to see how they responded to the theme - based on my Nepal Diaries project - and see what ideas they came up with in just one day.

I also gave a 5 day Adobe Lightroom workshop to participants of the Artudio Facebook group - and had hoped to follow up with a second session, but the time flew by and it will have to wait until next time.

And sport? Well, for 3 months I ran 20 km per week just to keep the aerobic capacity up and all before 6 am in the morning. By that time the Kathmandu air quality had dropped with all the traffic. Three times a week I covered the 7 km circuit around Lazimpat - too dark to see very much I could hear the fruit bats coming home to roost as I ran past the Royal Palace gates.

As for the next few weeks here in Finland - well I have prints to make, a group exhibition - the Ars Häme Celebration Exhibition and some work for the Finnish National Archives. Plus - Kuva ja Kamera - the Finnish Photography trade fair is in early March and there are plans for a small exhibition of my work on Epson Japanese Kozo paper.

But for now - a little winter sport - skiing cross country.