Studio Move Sale 2017

After 15 years in my studio in Hyttikortteli I'm moving! 


As many of you know I have spent much of the last 5 years working part time in Nepal. My activities in the development sector have been one of the most rewarding phases of my career. Great opportunities present themselves supporting INGOs such as Tearfund in collaboration with, Micah Nepal, Child Welfare Society, United Mission Nepal, Children at Risk and others.

After the earthquakes of 2015 I co-founded Moving Mountain Nepal - a local NGO supporting children in their early school years, and this organisation continues to provide school materials to marginalised communities where resources are limited and our intervention gives children a strong incentive to continue their education.  

My goal is to continue to work in Nepal and with this studio move I have the opportunity to offer my art works, ceramics, paintings and fine prints for sale, thereby providing valuable financial resources for me to continue working with these organisations.  

Join me during these 6 days - 4, 5, 6 and 11, 12, 13 August at Lehmustie 5, 11910 Riihimäki to celebrate this move. There are hundreds of items for sale including ceramics from my private collection of my work spanning 45 years as well as a selection of art works and prints. 

If you can't make it because of distance or time - I'll be posting pictures here of items for sale or through which a donation to Moving Mountain Nepal can be made. Watch this space!

Tervetuola - Welcome - hope to see you here!