Introduction to Kozo

A brief story on how this paper came to be. Ever since I went to Japan for the first time in 1991, I was inspired by the wonderful paper making tradition and the rich variety of papers produced by the Japanese. When I started Ink Jet printing I was looking for similar papers, but could find none, and I soon started to experiment with hand coating these papers in my studio in Riihimäki, Finland. There were reasons why manufacturers were not producing rolls of this media and the thinness was one problem when feeding the paper through the printer. It was here in my studio that had my Eureka moment - I discovered a technique that would provide the basis for a manufacturing process that would allow the paper to be fed easily through a printer and maintain its incredible translucent qualities.

As an artist I needed guidance on how to take the discovery forward and starting with the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation I was able to start the process of finding development partners. At the same time I sought the advice of my long time friend and consultant Stuart Thorp of Stance Consulting who over a 4 year period contributed hugely by providing:

  • Guidance on protecting Intellectual Property.
  • Development of outline business plan.
  • Guidance during industrial piloting.
  • Strategic guidance and support for engagement with industrial partners leading to signature of Designer Agreement.
  • Guidance on marketing strategy.

Through cooperation with these partners the development of this innovative product led to the successful launch of a new Signature Worthy Fine Art Paper from Epson Europe in November 2013. The paper has very deep velvety blacks, is resistant to abrasion, with all the visual and tactile qualities of a beautiful hand made Japanese Kozo paper.

Unlike other mass produced papers the Kozo has occasional small clusters of fibre or tiny wood chips of the kind one would find in a hand made product, but these are regarded by us as the character and spirit of this media. Artists and photographers have been looking for a product that has great versatility and visual richness - and I think Kozo provides this in ways that no other Ink Jet media can. 


Profiles to download

Here you will find links to profiles for the Epson Japanese Kozo Paper Thin. While every effort has been made to provide you with profiles that are accurate, Gary Wornell cannot accept responsibility for the profiles provided.   I want to thank Peter Hytrek from Dinax.de for providing two of these free of charge.

Folding Presentation

The banner image above has been created to inspire you with Epson's Japanese Kozo Paper Thin. It measures 84 cm x 20 cm (33 x 7.9 inches) and folds to fit an A5 envelope. You are free to use it (non commercial use only) and can download it here - Kozo-promotion copy we did.jpg


Clicking the link will start the download

Epson Stylus Pro 4900

Epson Stylus Pro 7900
Pro7900 Japanese-Kozo-Paper-Thin-GW.icc

Epson Stylus Pro 9900

Epson Stylus pro 9880 & 7880
Pro9880_7880 Japanese_Kozo_Paper_Thin.icm

Epson Stylus pro 3880 printed at 2880
Epson Stylus Pro 3880-2880 Japanese_Kozo_Paper_thin.icc

Epson SureColor P9000
P9000_i1P_Ep Japanes Kozo_03_16

Epson SureColor P800
Epson Stylus P800 Japanese_Kozo_Paper_thin

Epson SureColor 6070