Print Day at the Arusha Masai Cafe

Vernon with his prints on the Epson Traditional Photo paper
26.02 - From a quiet start to the weekend workshops, Sunday turned out to be busy from 10am to 6pm. Zaneb -  a 13 year old and some lovely pictures of lily pads and seaside images started by coating some Japanese papers and Tyvek with InkAid. While they were drying we pushed forward with her portfolio - making some small tweeks to the images before printing on the Epson Traditional Photo paper.

Zainab (loading the sheet into the Epson SP9900), Vernon and Peter

Vernon had a great series of street shots again I tweeked them and converted a couple to Black and White and all turned out brilliantly - printing first on A3 and then to A2 for the shot he wanted large.

And then Peter - with his series of monochromatic images - shot on a small pocket camera - great tones beautifully rendered on this great paper.

There were no hiccups, except perhaps the time running out and people needing to dash off for various reasons. Here then is a selection of the participants works.

Thanks to everyone who helped out and took part in this workshop. Always fun and many surprises. Tomorrow we have Face to Face at the Arusha Masai Cafe - last blog update tomorrow night before I head back to Finland on Tuesday.