Background to Kozo

A New Fine Art Paper in Epson’s Signature Worthy range of Fine Art Papers


Stretch mounting Kozo Dry Method

There are several ways to stretch mount Kozo paper. Here I have a wooden frame and using neutral PH double sided tape achieve a drum tight stretched image on a wooden frame. The whole process took about 5 minutes.

Creating traditional folding and stitched books

A short video showing how suited the Japanese Kozo Paper Thin can be used to create stunning folding and stitched books.

How to Peel Kozo from the support sheet

Here you will find useful information on how to peel the Kozo from the support sheet. If you experience curling, or wrinkling and have followed the instructions on this video it may be because you haven't allowed the print to dry long enough on the support sheet.

Imagine that the darkest areas have absorbed a lot of ink and the lightest areas hardly any. A wet surface will shrink more on drying that a damp surface. However if you leave the whole print to dry still attached to the support sheet, then the drying happens flat - and the support sheet effectively prevents curl or wrinkling.

You can download the PDF here where everything is explained: Epson Kozo Paper Guide

How to cut roll media into sheet

Kozo paper only comes on rolls 17" and 24" at this point in time. Sheet media will be introduced later but for now, if you want sheet media, you will have to cut it. Watch the video to see how easy it is to cut sheet from the roll.

Making paper lamps with Kozo

Kozo is ideally suited for the LED lighting technology. As the lights never get hot, the paper can be sealed into a box form with the print stretched all around. Here is a short video showing the construction of a lamp in a few easy steps.


Japanese Experience - Edo Bertona / Opificio d'Arte Stampata

Edo Bertona is a Master Print maker from Italy. This video expresses wonderfully the creative possibilities with Kozo.

And here you can find Edo's facebook page. Edo Bertona - Italy

Epson Kozo Japanese Paper Printing Light CUBE 

Fun video in the Extreme Sport style of a light cube made in a few minutes with Epson's Japanese Kozo Paper Thin.

By Postershop - Hungary